Reviving Our
Water and Land

Water Stories Can Help You

Restore Water Systems

Education and Inspiration

Find out how you can heal ecosystems and water supplies with water retention systems. Learn from Water Heroes across the world, so you can create a massive, positive environmental impact wherever you live.

Training and Practice

Learn from in-depth courses that guide you through the process of understanding and creating water retention systems. With online courses, challenges, actions, and in person training, we’ll help you make a tangible impact on the Water Cycle.

Community Support

Connect with a rich, active, growing community of students, professionals, and mentors. Our community gives you real support for overcoming your unique water challenges.

Bringing Back Water

Water Stories is a learning, training, and action platform focused entirely on Water Cycle Restoration.

Water Stories offers a community-centered approach to solving our most pressing environmental crises. Drought, flood, fire, polluted water - no matter what issue you face, we have solutions that deliver meaningful results after the first rainy season.

We empower people to create healthy landscapes and water abundance by transforming watersheds into water-catchments. People around the world are learning how to quickly create real substantive change for the health of their landscapes and communities by working with water.

Examples of

Water Cycle Restoration

There are examples of Water Cycle Restoration from all around the world. Watch our 10 Heroes of Water, to learn more about people from around the world that created real change.

Become A Water Restoration Practitioner

Learn how to restore the health and vitality of Eath's water systems, no matter where you are.

The Water Stories Core Course is designed to empower students with the skills and knowledge needed to take effective action and achieve results.


The Water Stories
Core Course

Water Stories offers in-depth training on creating water retention systems and restoring the water cycle through its courses. The courses are designed to help you gain a fundamental understanding of how you can make a positive impact on restoring water supplies and ecosystems for your specific context, along with the real world practice and actions to achieve.

Courses are taught by Founder and Water Cycle Restoration Expert, Zach Weiss. They are comprised of 4 phases of growth, and broken into 12 engaging modules.

Whether you want to earn a great living creating water systems across the world, create beautiful and water rich habitats on your land, or restore ecosystems in your community - we can help you achieve it.

Zach Weiss – Founder

Offered In Two Different Formats

The Core Course is offered in two different formats in order to support the diverse needs and goals of our students. Professional certification can be achieved through either format, but the pathway to certification is different for each..

Connection. Inspiration. Action.

Our Community

To create the change that is needed to restore a healthy planet and viable future for humanity, we need community action. Communities still hold the sovereignty of stewardship over our lands and waters, we just believe we have lost them. Connect with our community to reclaim your sovereignty and take action with others towards a better common future.

This is a global community of 3000+ individuals just like you, who are concerned about the earth, concerned about the future of fresh water on our planet, and ready to step forward into action. Here we learn from one another, from different contexts around the world, we share, and we support each other in our efforts towards a better common future.

The community also gives you access to online events like webinars, summits, and trainings to expand your learning.

Members of the Water Stories community have access to our films, animations, videos, webinars, and events to facilitate learning, inspiration, and community connection.

Ready to be part of the movement?

Join in a learning and community-centered approach to solving our most pressing environmental crises