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Water Stories Essentials is a self guided online course where you can learn at your own pace. It guides you through the fundamentals of understanding how to revive water systems, and gives you flexibility to practice the lessons when they are convenient for you. There are 12 modules and dozens of hours of learning to help guide you towards your water goals.

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  • 12 months access to all 12 video modules
  • Self paced, all modules open immediately
  • Quizzes for each chapter to help guide your pace of learning.
  • Exclusive invitations to in-person Water Stories workshops and training programs
  • Option to enroll in the additional Professional, Land Steward or Advocate Certification Program
  • Enroll anytime
  • Available starting March 20th, 2023


From the Community

Lorenzo Costa
@Lorenzo Costa

“This is amazing. More than I could have hoped for. Please keep it going. Don't let it become a cult. Sometimes I worry our language borders on the culty. We are a movement, not a cult. Please don't forget. I don't want to be part of a cult. But seriously, I love all of you guys that made this possible for me and I really hope we can beat the Green-Meanies and get the Solar Punk future we deserve!”

Aude Péronne
The Full Water Cycle

“Very good video. Inspired graphics and animation. Very instructive. Most people just never have the opportunity to think about what the real problems are and what the real solutions are.”

Hart Hagan
Watershed Death Spiral

“This is a beautiful, potent recounting of the rarest kind of miracle, one that can be taught to family as well as adapted to other cultures and geological circumstances.”

Sandy Arrowood
Reviving Rivers

“Wow, this series of 3 animation videos is beautifully illustrated and fills in the missing pieces that we're not taught about the hydrologic cycle. Really nicely done!”

Andrew Millison
The Revived Water Cycle

“These are wonderful, simple, inspiring explanations that give hope and motivation. I pointed out this website and the videos to a friend who is a 5th grade teacher. She is very enthused and plans to use these materials for her students in next year's study of the water cycle. Thank you Zach!”

Diana L
The Revived Water Cycle
Lorenzo Costa
@Lorenzo Costa

“Fantastically powerful. How do we get these into every school on the planet?!”

Nicole Masters
The Revived Water Cycle

“Gathering my thoughts, listening, learning and watching. A multitude of questions cross my mind and then I watch another video and read more posts and the answers are given. Its only my first day, I hope to contribute soon but For now I want to ('scuse the pun) just absorb. Thank you to all who have and do!”

Christie McHargue
The Water Bank

“Yes - Wow! Beautiful and clearly articulated. EVERYONE needs to see these :)”

Deb Phenicie
The Revived Water Cycle

“Brilliant and inspirational thesis for the regenerative restoration work needed! The ecological and social benefits are clear; How can we evolve our political and economic systems to likewise reward this progressive Full Water Cycle revival?”

Malcolm Suhr
The Revived Water Cycle

“The film is even better than I was hoping. When explaining water retention to people, it is so holistic that it can be difficult to summarize the main concept. I feel like this film will allow me to explain to those around me why I am so invested in this. Thank you to everyone involved in making it! I am so excited for my next step - the courses!”

Julia Eden
Desert Or Rainforest