Biology Makes Rain: the Science of Restoring Rainfall

Most of us know about the Water Cycle, but how is rain actually generated? In a world where landscapes have been degraded on a continental scale...what role do plants, forests, and fungi play in restoring rainfall to our ecosystems?

Cindy Morris is a senior scientist at France’s National Institute for Agriculture, Food and the Environment. In this webinar, she shares the science of how microorganisms help create rainfall, and what we can do to restore the water cycle. Learn all about her recent findings on how we can restore the bioprecipitation that sustains our local ecosystems.

For over 30 years Carl Struck has been stewarding a 40 acre Ponderosa Pine forest in Northern New Mexico evolving his management practices in the last 15 years to engage the 5 principals of regenerative agriculture in support of forest soil health and the water cycle. 

If you are interested in learning how we can restore rain and our climate, this webinar will show you how. To give you a depends on plants, water, air, and microorganisms.