Water Stories Workshops

Take action. Learn through experience. Build together. Get dirty.

Each workshop offers unique opportunities.

Unique Opportunities.

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Assess soil quality
and how that impacts land design
Accurately access
the practical application of your design
Understand the best practices
of working with machines on the land
Experience the transition
from design to implementation
Work as a team
with other students of varying skill levels
Practice how to communicate
effectively on a real job site
client goals
Accurately estimate
project costs

Learn To

Trust Your Intuition.

Heavy machines can cause damage to the land that could last for generations. Participating in a workshop will provide you with firsthand experience as to the “Dos” and “Don’ts” of working with machines and intervening on the land.

  • Hands-on experience with various tools and possibly machines
  • Guidance from Zach and the Water Stories team
  • A low consequence place to learn
  • Connect with the Water Stories communityand meet other students

Requirement: To participate in workshops, one must have taken the Water Stories Core Course or Water Stories Essential Course.

This prerequisite ensures that all participants have the same foundational background knowledge so we can dive deep into topics and provide the highest value for the time you invest. Grab a shovel and come connect with others to take action and regenerate our landscapes now.


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